logo epumaIn Montpellier and its adjoining area, the United Protestant Church spreads the gospel of Jesus Christ. It does so in communion with other Christian churches. Its work in the city includes church services, meetings and social action.

In 2013, on the national level, French protestantism, lutheran and reformed, took a new turn: the creation of the United Protestant Church (see www.eglise.protestante-unie.fr). To express this change, our local church took the name of "Église Protestante Unie de Montpellier & Agglomération" (EPUMA).

The United Protestant Church of France is a Christian church, born of the Protestant Reformation which has marked church history since the sixteenth century. The Reformed Church of France was already a founding member, in 1905, of the Protestant Federation of France.

Open to all, in service to all, the Church is fully engaged in the Ecumenical Movement and in dialogue with different religions. Together with other movements it takes part in the struggle for a world of justice and peace, in which every person can be heard and respected.

The United Protestant Church of France ordains both men and women to the pastoral ministery. They are prepared for the ministry in the church's two theological seminaries, one in Paris and one in Montpellier. Ministers of the Gospel, they serve parishes, local and foreign missions, youth groups, social actions, chaplaincies (hospitals, prisons, army).

Some numbers:

  • 400,000 people call on the services of the United French Protestant Church
  • 250,000 participate in the life of the Church
  • there are more than 450 local churches
  • there are nearly 500 pastors in activity, of whom one-third are women

The United French Protestant Church in Languedoc-Roussillon (www.protestants-unis-du-midi.fr) numbers nearly 80 local churches in the following "départements": Pyrénées-Orientales, Aude, Hérault, Gard, Aveyron, and Lozère.

Our convictions:

Jesus Christ came in to the world not to judge but to make free

  • WE ARE FREE... Whoever you may be, whatever you may have done, grace is offered to you, now, and it makes you free! It puts an end to the worry of having to do well and the fear of not doing well enough. We are no longer concerned about ourselves; we simply want to show, in our daily living, that God has effectively made us free. We no longer have to act in order to be loved; we can act because we are already loved!
  • WE ARE RESPONSIBLE ... It is not for others - whether competent individuals or important organizations - to choose for me or to decide what I am to think. I am always personally responsible. Having found my freedom in a personal encounter with Jesus Christ, I am called to become involved in the world. For faith engages us in rigorous combat, where we can discover our neighbour's face.

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